Why Notion ?

« Notion : The all in one Workplace »

Notion has 30 millions users worldwide. Know as one of the best note-taking apps and no-code apps, it’ll greatly simplify your daily tasks. Notion can be used by independent workers, teams of all sizes and even for a personal use.
Today, Notion is so much more than a simple note-taking app and the list of what you can achieve with Notion is constantly growing !

So Why ?

Who never lost time to look for an information in all the company IT tools ? Or looking for the only colleague who has the knowledge ? Notion stores all information in one place and all of your workers can find the information they need in just one click ! Processes, documentation, data, projects, and even files are centralized. Your team will thus be more efficient and happier at work. Your customers and suppliers can also have a guest access to some pages with data that they would benefit from.

Who can use it ?

Everyone ! From the company looking to centralize its data, its onboarding tools, its HR or its project management to the independent worker wanting to have all its customers information, its invoices and its projects in the same place. Even individuals who want to have their to-do lists, their sport program or book recommandation just a click away.

How much does it cost?

Notion has a free plan very popular among independent workers and individuals. But won’t be the best deal for businesses. The upgraded Plan (called Plus) costs 8$/user/month (if you pay annually) or 10$/user/month (if you pay monthly). It allows you to add until 100 co-workers and 20,000 synchronized data lines. The next plan (Business) costs 15$ or 18$/user/month. You can reach 250 co-workers with this plan and create private teamspaces.
Finally, the Enterprise plan, available on request only offers better security options for workspaces and teamspaces. You also can specific administrator roles.

How can I help ?

Passionate about this tool, I haven’t left it for more than 2 years. I have all my business on Notion and use it daily. I’m also Notion Essentials Certified (Badge here)

I had the chance to create a lots of interconnected databases, processes, organization pages and project management tools. I always use otion for my personal life and my Freelance activity (project management, invoices management, prospection).

My Method

I’ll first analyze your needs with a first quick call

Then I’ll have a more in-depth analysis in chatting with your team

You own Notion Workspace creation

Improvement based on your comments

Onboarding of your team on the platform

Regarding your request, I can also add automation with Zapier.

Some examples of Notion pages

👉 Project Management
👉 Team information
👉 Invoices management
👉 Operations Follow-up (production/logistic)
👉 To-do lists
👉 Process writing
👉 Recruitment
👉 Content Calendar
👉 Help Center
👉 And so much more !

To see and buy my Notion templates you can visit : https://aliceescallier.gumroad.com/

Get in touch for your needs and requests

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