Sustainable Supply Chain & Operations decarbonation

Supply Chain is key for the company activities. And often this also means it represents a huge part of its Green house gas emissions (GHG).

I help you reducing these emissions on all key of your supply chain. :

Whenever you have a fully set up Supply Chain or nothing in hand I can help you. I also take into account the financial aspect, to make sure the project doesn’t cost more than what the company budgetized.

  • Procurement (Sourcing, contractor quality,…)
  • Production (Process, relocation,…)
  • Packaging (Sustainable materials, necessity, waste reduction)
  • Transport (Transportation reduction, Less polluting means use,…)
  • Storage (3PL near your consumers, stock optimization,…)
  • Reverse (Reverse logistics set up, impact evaluation…)

My methodology

  • Diagnostics : Understanding your activities and objectives, GHG emissions calculation (ADEME) of your activities and/or products.
  • Pollution sources identification
  • Low Carbon strategy set up on different aspects of your activity.

Why ?

For planet Earth : Decrease your GHG emissions and take part of the collective awareness.

For your teammates : Motivation and pride of working for an environment-friendly company.

For your money : Decrease your energy, transportation and production spendings. Better stock management.

For your consumers : Consumer retention and positive image of your company.

For the law : The law is changing and it’s always better to anticipate.