Continuous Improvement & Implementation of monitoring tools

To make sure to monitor correctly your operations, you need to have the right tools and to draft standardized processes. I bring a fresh point of view of your operations and organization to help you improve your structure.

I create and implement action plans for you, but also new processus. I identify the associated risks and the potential improvements by analyzing the processes’s metrics. I also set up objectives to help the company grow quickly.

I set up monitoring tools to follow your operations and make sure you can identify quickly any risks, improvement and performances. Examples (regarding your needs)

  • KPIs Management
  • OKRs Management
  • Stock Management
  • Clear processes writing
  • Invoices management


To avoid wastig time (and money) : An organized company helps its employees to work more efficiently. You can spot the mistakes more quickly and set up preventive actions

To have a better quality : With clear processes, you minimize humain errore rate.

To be more efficient : Your team will stop loosing time on non profitable actions and start dedicating more time to impactful projects.

For your team : You’ll remove a part of the repetitive tasks and thus keep your team motivated.

My methodology and tools

  • Process
  • Organization
  • Monitoring tools
  • Google Suite
  • Collaborative

Notion helps companies staying organized and keep all information in the same place. This represents a huge time gain. Your teammates won’t have to look for an information. You can also create monitoring tables (collaborative or no) Example : Invoice management, meeting report, sales prospection.

I also sell Notion templates on :

  • Project Management
  • Deadline
  • Priorization
  • Task list
  • KPIs
  • OKRs

Asana is a project management tool. All project step can be defined precisely (deadline, priorization, person in charge,…)

  • Management tools
  • Data Analysis
  • Graphs
  • Data sorting

I use Excel to create automatized tables for stock management, RFP creation, GHG emissions management,…


To connect them all !